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Who We Are




Founder & CEO of award-winning construction company, Moorhead & Company Inc. J.R. was born and raised on Oahu. He is a father of 2, and husband to Michelle. J.R. believes the philosophy of Aloha is what the world needs right now. He wanted to play a role in bringing awareness of what Aloha truly means to the world.

Executive Director

There are places we are raised and then there are the places that raise us. Fulfilling his place in world, Keolamau Tengan is a father, a man, and a wizard of many hats. Raised on & currently living on Maui, Keolamau is a specialized consultant that brings nearly 20 years of immersive study in Consciousness to support in uplifting humanity & realizing our collective legacy. Actively working with people & organizations, Keolamau brings his expertise to connect, align, and actualize our greatest potential.

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Born and raised in San Diego, California, Cambria spent many of her younger days at the beach or exploring her backyard canyon. Her love of nature bloomed into a degree and an eleven year career in Oceanography where she traveled the world’s oceans facilitating large scale research projects aboard world class vessels. Since starting a family and diving into the world of personal development, she transitioned to a career in life coaching and event production.  Wife, mother, sailor, pilot, navigatrix, coach, instigator of fun and adventure… she is thrilled to have joined the Kuana’ike board and to be a causal force in bringing ALOHA into the world.


A Country boy from Haleiwa, Oahu Ryan is a Kahu (Reverend), Entertainer, Artist, Husband, Father, and Ambassador of Aloha. Ryan is on a mission to share Aloha with the world through his varied gifts and spiritual

understanding. Whether he is performing for 450 people a night at the Hilton Hawaiian Village or officiating a simple wedding with just the couple present the importance of expressing Aloha is non-negotiable. Ryan is so excited to be a part of Kuana’ike and looking forward to putting our intentions to action and truly creating a world of peace and harmony through Aloha.



Rob Young Walker

Creative Director

Rob Young is an award-winning filmmaker, music artist, social entrepreneur, and humanitarian. As the founder of Excuse My Accent and CEO of Dream Roots Creative, he focuses on making platforms that invoke change through music, and documentaries, and spearheading non-profit initiatives, through his commitment to spreading awareness of social issues. Rob is the Film Festival Director of AfroComicCon, Producer of the award-winning film Bring Them Home, and has worked with multiple organizations including the Washington State Department of Equity, the first ever in United States government history.

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